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Welcome to Happy Knitting!

Knitting Skills, Free Knitting Patterns, Tutorials, Come Learn to Knit!

I created Happy Knitting, because I have loved knitting since I was very small. And I hope to be able to share my passion for this wonderful fun craft with as many people as I can… So lots of knitting patterns, tutorials and other relevant content coming your way!

This site is all about: Improving your knitting skills, taking time to slow down and relax, and hopefully have some fun in the process!

Why Knit?

Knitting is a great way to make useful items & create unique and heartfelt gifts for your friends and family. Plus Knitting is perfect for De-Stressing, and helping you to Relax… *studies have shown that knitting can help to lower stress levels. keep your mind sharp well into old age. and can even help in recovery for those with PTSD)…. Knitting also makes an awesome Boredom Buster for Kids and Adults alike!

Whenever I’m stressed (which seems to be most of the time… “adulting” is hard!!), I seem to do better when I have a nice simple knitting project on the go… Something that is easy to follow and doesn’t take too much concentration to complete. Something about the repetitive nature of knitting is somehow soothing to the soul and my fried nervous system!


When in doubt about what to do … the answer is … Knit! 🙂

So Grab yourself a cup of tea (or coffee), and spend a little time looking around my little Happy Knitting site… Then grab some yarn and needles and then start crafting!

Free Patterns:

All of my patterns are available here on the site for free. (just click the “Free Patterns” link in the header bar above). However if you want more detailed step by step instructions with full color photos: you can buy the “mini-Course” PDF’s on Etsy for any pattern. These are fully formatted and printable PDF courses where I walk you through each step. (from how to cast on, to how to sew in your tail ends).

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I am adding content as often as I can, but it’s amazing how long it takes me to create detailed patterns. So be patient and subscribe to my newsletter so that I can keep you posted when I upload new patterns!

Happy Knitting! 🙂