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Come check out my Free Patterns, Video Tutorials, Reviews and more! Improve your knitting skills, take some time to slow down and relax, and hopefully have some fun in the process!

What can we do to: beat boredom, de-stress, relax, and make some useful items and gifts while we’re at it? … the answer is … Knit! 🙂 (*studies have shown that knitting can help to lower stress levels, keep your mind sharp, and even helps in recovery for PTSD).

So if you are ready to ‘get crafty’ and have some fun. Grab yourself a nice cup of tea (or coffee), and spend a little time looking around this brand new little site!

Free Patterns:

All of my patterns are available here on the site for free (just click the “Free Patterns” link in the header bar above). But if you want a more detailed step by step set of instructions you can buy the “mini-Course” PDF for any pattern. These are fully formatted and printable PDF courses where I walk you through each step (from how to cast on for this specific pattern, to how to sew in your tail ends). All with detailed explanations and full color photographs!


The best way to stay informed about when I post new free patterns and tutorials is to sign up for my happy knitting newsletter (sign up using the form on the top or bottom of any page). *Note: newsletters are only sent once every month or two and if for any reason you change your mind you can always opt out!

This Blog is Brand New!

There may not be a huge amount of content just yet (I only started this blog in November 2020). So keep coming back, because I am adding new happy knitting pages and more free patterns with intermediate and beginner knitting skills as fast as I can! *just remember that it takes time to create a patterns, so I’m doing my best, but don’t expect to see new ones more than once every month or two! :).

Happy Knitting! 🙂