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Weave in ends (on reverse stockinette stitch)

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Weaving in your tail ends on the reverse (back) side of Stockinette stitch.

There are many ways to weave in ends. Here’s a simple way to weave them in securely so that they are almost invisible. This is my personal favorite way to accomplish this task because it hides beautifully in your work :).

  • Back Side of Garter Stitch: (video to come), use the same method as is shown here for reverse stockinette stitch… There will simply be a gap between your ‘bumps’ and ‘valleys’ so don’t pull too tight!
  • Double sided garter stitch: (this is for items like towels and dishcloths where you use both sides interchangeably) Check out my other post for a video and instructions for weaving in ends on double sided garter stitch
weaving in ends stockinette

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Steps for how to weave in ends on the reverse side of stockinette stitch:

*you can also use this method for garter stitch items which have a right and wrong side (do your weave in this way on the wrong side of your work).

  1. Follow a ‘bump’ (the part of the stitch that looks like a rainbow) over to the right… until you can see the ‘valley’ (the part of the stitch that looks like a smile) directly next to/below it… go down through the valley and tilt your needle to the left to also go down through the ‘bump’ which is just below and off to the left.
  2. now follow a ‘valley’ over to the ‘bump’ which is just to the right/up… go up through the ‘bump’, then tilt your needle to the left to also go up through the valley stitch which you came down through in the first step.

*continue these steps until you have woven your tail in at least 5 bumps (you can always do more for extra security).

That’s all there is to it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Knitting! ๐Ÿ™‚

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