Knitting Tutorial how to k2tog (Knit Two Together) โ€ข [decreasing]

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Here’s a little knitting tutorial for how to k2tog. If you have never done this before it’s worth taking a few minutes to learn. This is a super easy way to decrease by one stitch at a specific location, and the term is used in many patterns so it’s a good one to know.

The Essence of the stitch: k2tog

  • All you are doing with this stitch is knitting into two stitches as if they were one.
  • This will allow you to decrease by one stitch.
  • k2tog blends nicely into your work leaving you with a minimally visible decrease line.

Video Knitting Tutorial how to k2tog:

Check out the little video below for a quick demo (knitting tutorial k2tog):

knitting tutorial k2tog

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Steps for how to k2tog:

  1. slip your needle into two stitches (the same way as you would if you were to simply knit a single stitch)
  2. Knit the two stitches together as if they were a single stitch


so that’s how to decrease by one stitch using k2tog! ๐Ÿ™‚ There are other ways to decrease, but this is one of the most common.

*If there are any other techniques you would like to see me create a tutorial for let me know. I hope you have enjoyed my videos!

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