Tutorials - Stitches & Techniques

I have created (and will continue to add too) these little knitting tutorial videos. explaining how to do various knitting stitches and techniques.

In each Video I try to walk you through step by step. Explaining how to do each skill a couple of times and with the clearest directions I can. I have tried to keep videos short and to the point and under 3 minutes (although when dealing with more complex skills a few might be a little longer).

I strive to make videos simple enough for beginners, but also quick enough so that more advanced knitters can review techniques quickly :). Please let me know if anything in my videos is not clear so that I can address any issues!

weave in ends - Stitches & Techniques
double decrease
Stitch Tutorials

Learn how to do this symmetrical double decrease

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weaving in ends stockinette
Stitch Tutorials

The ‘right’ way to weave in your ends on reverse stocking stitch (and on the back side of garter stitch)

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New Stitches & Techniques Tutorials coming!

I will be adding lots more stitches & techniques to my youtube channel (and this page) over time. Consider signing up for my newsletter and youtube channel so you never miss any!

If you are trying to figure out how to do a specific technique and you don’t see it here. let me know and I will see if I can add it to my list of new videos to add!

Other Reference Info:

For more knitting information check out the Reference info tab. Here you will find lots of other goodies including needle information and charts, plus lots of other knitting reference details!