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My Musings

These musings are just things I am thinking about or that I think are relevant. I will post interesting information and articles I come across. as well as other peoples patterns I think are intriguing, and any random thoughts that strike me!

*Thanks so much for being patient with me, and sorry for the delay!! Firstly, I am working very hard to be able to afford to spend more time on this little website… but oh my goodness has the cost of living ever gone up over the past couple of years?! So unfortunately it’s taking a little longer then I had hoped to start to make that a reality…

Generally, my goal is to be able to dedicate 2 to 3 days each week to creating patterns and new site pages/musings for you… When that happens I will be able to post a lot more content, and it will be posted weekly instead of every few months! However until then, I have to make due with evenings and weekends working on patterns etc. (and unfortunately they take a long time to complete this way because there just aren’t enough hours in the day!) :)…

Thanks so much to all of you who are helping me to grow this little business and make it viable! Every time you come to my site it gains momentum with site traffic. and to those of you who have purchased my patterns and other goodies in my little Etsy Store. every purchase helps, and I truly appreciate your support! Lastly, but not leastly :), thanks so much for all of the positive feedback on my Printable PDF pattern quality and for the comments on my simpler free patterns too! I’m so glad people are liking them, it’s great motivation to keep creating!

My Musings:

General Knitting Books – Every Knitter should have

General Knitting Books – Every Knitter should have Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

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New Office Done!

New Office Done!! New Patterns On The Way!! Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

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Is Knitting making a comeback

Is knitting a lost art or is it in the process of making a comeback?

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Weekly Musing 4 - Knitting Injuries, Repetitive Stress, and Hand / wrist pain

How to manage and prevent Knitting Injuries!

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How to Set Up an Etsy Shop - Step By Step

Have you always wanted to sell items on Etsy, but don’t know where to start?
Check out my simple step by step guide!

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Weekly Musings - Knitting Calculators

Calculators for calculating yarn yardage, rows required, and lots more!

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Knitting Vs. Crochet

Which one is better knitting or Crochet?

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I hope you enjoyed My Musings!

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