Weekly Musings

**Sorry Everyone! My life has been busy this spring, so I have missed a number of weeks of my musings unfortunately… Sorry for the delay, but keep an eye out for the next weekly musing scheduled to be released on July 1st!**


Weekly Musings are just things I am thinking about or that I think are relivant. I will post things I come accross or have been thinking about over the past week as they relate to knitting and crafting! (New Weekly Musings will usually be uploaded on Friday or Saturdays).

These pages below will include everything from links to other people’s patterns, tools and calculators that I find useful, knitting tips, tricks, interesting creations, thoughts, and so much more!

Check back every weekend to see what my newest weekly musings might be about!

Is Knitting making a comeback
Is knitting a lost art or is it in the process of making a comeback? Read more
Weekly Musing 4 - Knitting Injuries, Repetitive Stress, and Hand / wrist pain
How to manage and prevent Knitting Injuries! Read more
How to Set Up an Etsy Sthop - Step By Step
Have you always wanted to sell items on Etsy, but don't know where to start? Check out my simple step by step guide! Read more
Weekly Musings - Knitting Calculators
Calculators for calculating yarn yardage, rows required, and lots more! Read more
Knitters Vs. Crocheters
Which one is better knitting or Crochet? Read more

I hope you enjoyed my Weekly Musings!

Come back next week!

Weekly Musings